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Entry #1


2010-10-21 17:28:27 by ThePoobaman

Loooooooks like I'm gonna put up another flash! Unlike Blueworld, this will be serious. And awesome!

To those of you who are Homestarrunner fans I have a hint: Join the Municipality, and Fight for the King of Town!!!



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2010-10-30 17:13:39

and you had the audacity to leave Road of the Dead a bad review

ThePoobaman responds:

What exactly was it? And you are misusing the word audacity...


2011-01-31 21:41:08

Yo earfetish you can suck my hairy hard tits! You dont even know what audacity means... pathetic little punk named EARFETISH... that is about the worst name i have heard since I banged yur mom and her name was ugly ass hoe!

ThePoobaman responds:

I taped's called "Two girls one cup"...

I made 40 million dollars, bitch!