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Your best one yet. The Troll 2 reference ("you can't piss on hospitality, I won't allow it!") and the weird final line from Steambath will keep me watching. Thank you for making this.

I truly apologize, this may be my computer, but this just seemed like a laggy video of pink stuff. I have questionable stuff in the portal as well, but nothing this bad. Half star for effort.

You draw really great characters, but they seem too still and unanimated. Overall it was modestly entertaining.

billybobmovies responds:

Gracias senior

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KrazyWorgen (the guy below me) doesn't quite understand why nature allows disabilities in the first place. Sickle cell, the condition he claims to have, actually prevents malaria. The disease cannot attack sickle cells. Autism/asperger's may make somebody incapable of talking or understanding social behavior, but it may also give them superhuman musical or mathematical skills. Many disabilities are trade-offs. Eugenics is a good idea only in rare cases where there is absolutely no benefit to the disability.

Anyway, the game was awesome.

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Interesting concept. I especially like that I don't have to do any work, I can just very carefully set it up and watch it play out in front of me. The way everything harmoniously feeds the other factors of the game and grows exponential, then eventually dies out is reaaaally cool. In addition, the flixel/retro theme is really nice and you did it well. The soundtrack was fucking amazing, it didn't get old as it often does. I hope they payed you a lot of money for this one, it's the first bullet hell game where you cause the bullet hell!

Also, why do they keep flying in this area? Don't they realize that they'll be killed? Ships are exploding! Stop flying here! Why do they keep loading the ships with unexploded bullets? WHY?

sushistory responds:

Thanks, nice little read ;)

Pretty good, but I got bored with it after a half an hour or so. The problem is that the amount of money you make increases more slowly than the amount that things cost. Because of this the game gets slow pretty quickly.

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FUCK YEAH!!! This Is the most god-damned awexome song evaaaaaaaaar!!!!

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

thanks! :D

Is this GarageBand?

Interesting...but needs work.

-The NewKing


But this must be longer. Make it longer and you will be number one on the audio, flash, and art portal. You say impossible? No. This song has unlimited potential.

-The NewKing

Shit's goin' down.

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